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Aneti is a company specializing in professional cleaning and maintenance Sofia apartments, offices, buildings, complexes, restaurants, hotels, retail, industrial and warehouse premises.

Professional cleaning services offered by our team based on individual approach to each client and complete professional solutions. With a wide range of services to provide first class professional cleaning and regular care for your home and business.

We use environmentally friendly cleaning materials, working correctly and precisely in time for you and takes care of cleaning and disinfection in premises occupied by you. With high-tech way to work in Sofia, our skilled team and good for cleaning our partner relationships we will ensure cleanliness, comfort and tranquility in your home and office.



N площ на имота ЦЕНИ    лв / месечно
/почистване 4 път месечно/ /почистване 8 пъти месечно/
с препарати на: с препарати на:
клиента АНЕТИ клиента АНЕТИ
1 до 100 м2  180 лв 200 лв 270 лв 300 лв
2 до 150 м2 210 лв 230 лв 315 лв 345 лв
3 до 200 м2 250 лв 270 лв 375 лв 405 лв
4 до 250 м2  300 лв 320 лв   450 лв 480 лв 
5 до 300 м2 350 лв 370 лв 525 лв 555 лв

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Professional cleaning ANETI


1505 Sofia, 33 Cherkovna Str.

GSM: +359 899 19 20 19

e-mail:   Skype: aneti-7

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