Slipping, accidents

European campaign to prevent accidents due to slipping and falling

Подхлъзване паданеOne third of the accidents occur as a result of slipping and falling . 520 accidents in 10 years, 170 accidents cause was slipping and falling. This is the most massive and most universal and tight no reason industry.


During the months of June and July at the initiative of the Committee of Senior Inspectors of the International Labour Organization began wide campaign for prevention and prevention of accidents at slipping and falling. It will be in all sectors.


AntiSLIP system ® is the best insurance to prevent slip and warranty for removal of subsequent problems.  

Advantages of AntiSLIP system ®:

  • contributing to the safety of employees, customers and guests;
  • avoid the possibility of liability in case of an accident caused by a fall;
  • saving unnecessary costs of compensation and / or subsequent treatment.  

Detailed information about protection from slipping and accident prevention can be obtained on our web site ANTISLIP.


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