Slipping and injuries

Emergency measures under slipping and injuries  


Usually it is of the ankle. Represents hyperextension or break some of his relations. They are slightly elastic, strong bands of connective tissue whose function is to stabilize the joint out , maintain the normal position of the bones relative to each other and to restrict movement in the joint. Ankle is particularly susceptible to sprains due to the small size of the joint and the forces acting on it when walking, running and jumping , especially on uneven surfaces .  

Sprain the first thing you should do is immobilized as far as possible, Трудови злополукиthe injured ankle. Do not carry the weight of the body on it . This reduces the risk of serious injury. The ice prevents the strengthening of swelling.  

Wrap the injured area. It is best to use an elastic bandage to fasten the ankle in the form of loops ( leaving the heel free). This will also reduce swelling and pain . Do not bandage too tight, so to lose sensitivity in your fingertips.  

Seek medical help immediately if : you have a suspected broken bone or postponed it , feel tingling or numbness. This may be an indication of nerve damage.  


Dangers to him due to lacerations that flip, sharp edges or bone fragments cause the blood vessels , muscles , nerves, spinal cord and internal organs. Most often break bones tubular arms and legs.  

The main feature is a pain. It starts from the moment of impact and increases in movement. Edema - swelling this is where careful probing felt a crunch. Deformation - it is due to swelling , displaced bone fragments, bleeding , and more.  

To avoid the dangerous consequences of a break , you need to immobilize the broken bone. Since the human body moves through your joints, the rule is to immobilize two adjacent joints of the fracture site. This is done with standard or improvised .  

Dislocation of foot  

Signs include swelling of the leg around the ankle due to stretching of the ligaments. Folk medicine practiced displaced bones ( vertebrae of the foot ) to get better in the following way: the victim is trapped by the neck (shoulders) of another person who noticed the victim comes close to his boss fifth fingers of his sprained foot and simultaneously rapidly leans forward , which pulls the body of the victim forward and upward . So displaced bones alone intervene .  

First used by folk medicine way is the following: the victim \'s daily bad leg , despite the pain , rolling on the floorboards cob of corn in 12 hours to allay pain. Beyond that, to do and what to dislocations with additives: here best help lukewarm poultice of raw onions with salt or hot poultice of bran , cooked with vinegar. After fixing of the foot in order to prevent a new dislocation must be placed in strips of cardboard or blocks.

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